I want to apologize because I made a very serious mistake on the update of the True Calendar Watch concerning the birthday of Pope Francis which is the year 1936 (T. C. 1908)and not 1939 (T. C. 1911). I have corrected this matter on the calendar below (at least I hope I got it correct this time). I added Louis Farrakhan who was born in 1933 on the Gregorian Calendar.

What amazes me is that although 139 people had viewed the incorrect calendar on YouTube, and I am not sure how many people have viewed it on WordPress, no one corrected me in my error.

I’m trying to become a lamb, therefore, I won’t bite :).

I was pondering this matter and thought to myself:

1. maybe no one is really viewing my presentations (I recently noticed that when I posted a presentation it does not show up in the reader)
2. maybe the viewer is not being like the Bereans who check to see if they are being told the truth
3. maybe the viewer wants the incorrect information to disseminate
4. maybe the viewer thinks I am infallible or have an inside scoop from Yahuwah about the “true” birthday of Pope Francis even though the Wikipedia article says his birthday is 1936
5. maybe the viewer wants the calendar to remain in error
6. maybe the viewer wants “me” to remain in error
7. maybe the viewer doesn’t want to contradict me
8. maybe the viewer just didn’t notice the error because he/she on occasion gets sixes and nines mixed up in the mind just like I do

To the viewers who have been with me since YouTube, and to any one else who finds a serious error such as this (sometimes I will not reupload an entire presentation for a simple typo or grammatical blooper) in my presentations, but this is a serious matter. Please make me aware of serious errors because I do rely on the watchfulness of the people of Yahuwah in part to help me with this walk.

This was an error on my part and not deliberate. I apologize first to Pope Francis, then to the people of Yahuwah, and to any other viewers.



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