Targeted Individuals Gang Stalking And Mind Control Part 6G


Computer “Hijacked”?

My computer has been down for a few days. The computer repairman said that he believed my computer had been “hijacked” (whatever that means). When I booted up my computer, it told me that it was unable to find my profile, therefore, it would have to set me up with a temporary profile, and that any documents I created in the temporary profile would not be saved. I had to do a system recovery (destructive) which reformatted my system drive. I lost a lot of documents and pending presentations because the repairman was unable to find any of my files on my computer. Strange.

My Religious Faith-Based Testimony

This is a religious faith-based testimony about my personal experience as a Targeted Individual (TI).

For those who do not believe in a Creator of the heavens and the earth, or believe in a different religious faith, or “if” you are an atheist, it is up to you to decide “if” you want to continue with this testimony.

I believe the name of the Head Creator is YAHUWAH.

I believe the name of the Mashyach (Messiah) Creator is YAHUWSHUWAH.

What Is A Targeted Individual?

A Targeted Individual (TI) is a person who has been place under 24/7 surveillance and harassment by a group of strangers, but can include surveillance and harassment by family, neighbors, friends and co-workers.

Targeted Individuals call those who commit these crimes of surveillance and harassment “perpetrators” or “perps”. They are also called Gang Stalkers.


In this part of the TARGETED INDIVIDUALS GANG STALKING presentation series, we will continue our search and examination of the great city named BABAL (BABYLON) which is NEW YORK CITY whose original name is NEW AMSTERDAM from an Abary language perspective. The Abary language is erroneously called the “Hebrew” language in our modern times. We will also continue our search in the word CAPITAL which means BEHEAD.

A Transliteration Of NEW AMSTERDAM And CAPITAL

A “quick” transliteration of NEWAMSTERDAM and CAPITAL into the Abary language is as follows:



A Transliteration Rule: Letter “C”

The letter “C” in (C)APITAL is a variable letter which means it can be equal to any Abary letter, however, the most common transliterations for the letter “C” are the letters “S”, “G”, “CH”, “K”, and “Q” sounds.


A Transliteration Rule: Letter “P”

The letter “P” in the word CA(P)ITAL looks like the Greek letter “RHO” or “R”, therefore, the letter “P” is equal to the letter “R”.



A Transliteration Rule: Letter “YOD”

The letter “YOD” or “Y” in the transliteration of the word CAPITAL which is CAP(Y)ATAL (forward) is a variable letter which means it can be equal to any Abary letter.

The letter “Y” is also equal to the English letters “I” and “J”.

What Does The Beast Think Of Your Religious Faith?

There are those who do not believe that there is a religious and faith-based aspect to the Targeted Individual experience, however, The Word (Bible) reveals that the religious faith of our political and religious leaders will play a significant role in our status in The Kingdom of The Beast and how we will be treated in The Kingdom of The Beast. Each one of us will have to decide which one of the political and religious leaders we will follow. Some claim to be Atheist, but even Atheism is a form of religion.

Raj Patel

“Raj Patel (born 1972) is a British-born American academic, journalist, activist and writer[2] who has lived and worked in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United States for extended periods. He is best known for his 2008 book, Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System.[3] His most recent book is The Value of Nothing[4] which was on The New York Times best-seller list during February 2010.[5][6] He has been referred to as “the rock star of social justice writing.”[7]”

Raj Patel

“Raj Patel – writer, activist and academic. Author of Value of Nothing and Stuffed and Starved.”


The name RAJ PATEL is found in CAPITAL as follows:

CAPITAL=CA(P)(Y)ATAL (forward)=CA(R)(J)ATAL (forward)

CA(RJ)ATAL=RJ=RAJ (P=R) (Y=J) (the vowel letter “A” is inserted between consonants in the Abary language)


The Meaning Of RAJ

According to the website, the name RAJ is a Hindi and Sanskrit name that means “king.” RAJ is an Indian and Malay princely title that means “rule.”


RAJ Equals RAY And RAI



According to the website, the name RAY means “protecting hands” and RAI is of Japanese origin and means “trust; lightning, thunder”.

The name RAY points to “light.” In the Abary language, the name RAY means “shepherd” (H7473) and “looking-glass”, “mirror”, “vision”, “look”, “appearance”, “see”, “sight”, “spectacle” (H7209/H7210).

The Meaning Of PATEL

“Patel is a trade name and previous caste of landowners, farmers and village leaders. The ‘Patel’ of a village in the mid-1500-1900 state of Gujarat, would be a member of the village committee who would help represent the whole village’s views to the local council and take the lead in resolving problems and implementing ideas.”

Raj Patel And “Food Sovereignty”

“”Food sovereignty”, a term coined by members of Via Campesina in 1996,[1] asserts that the people who produce, distribute, and consume food should control the mechanisms and policies of food production and distribution, rather than the corporations and market institutions they believe have come to dominate the global food system.”

Patel’s message centers around the concept of “food sovereignty.”

The Family Background Of Raj Patel

“Born to a mother from Kenya and a father from Fiji,[8][9][10] he grew up in Golders Green in north-west London where his family ran a corner shop.[11]”

“Patel became a US citizen on 7 January 2010.[20][21]”

“In January 2010 some adherents of Share International, following an announcement by Benjamin Creme, concluded that Patel could be the Maitreya.[22] Patel denied being the Maitreya.[22]”

Raj Patel And Kenya

Raj Patel is a person that I have mentioned in some of my past presentations who has origins in Kenya like President Barack Obama who claims to have a Kenyan father and Dr. David Edward Owuor who is a global prophet from Kenya. All three of them “may” play a significant political and/or religious role in these last days.


“The Maitreya or Lord Maitreya is described in Theosophical literature of the late 19th-century and subsequent periods as an advanced spiritual entity and high-ranking member of a hidden Spiritual Hierarchy, the so-called Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. According to Theosophical doctrine, one of the Hierarchy’s functions is to oversee the evolution of humankind; in accord with this function the Maitreya is said to hold the so-called Office of the World Teacher. Theosophical texts posit that the purpose of this Office is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge about the true constitution and workings of Existence to humankind. Humanity is thereby assisted on its presumed cyclical, but ever progressive, evolutionary path.”

The Theosophical Incarnations Of MAITREYA

“In Theosophical texts, the Maitreya is said to have had numerous manifestations or incarnations: in the theorized ancient continent of Atlantis; as a Hierophant in Ancient Egypt;[22] as the Hindu deity Krishna;[23] as a high priest in Ancient India;[24] and as Christ during the three years of the Ministry of Jesus.[23]”


“Benjamin Creme (b. 1922), a follower of Alice Bailey and founder of Share International, an organization whose doctrines have similarities with those of mainstream Theosophy, is a later promoter of the Maitreya. In 1975 Creme claimed to have started to telepathically channel the Maitreya. Creme stated that Maitreya communicated to him that he had decided to return to Earth earlier than 2025.[43]”
The MAITREYA Moved To London
“Other claimed communications from the Maitreya followed, and Creme eventually announced that Maitreya materialized a physical body for himself in early 1977 in the Himalayas and then moved to London.[44] Creme has made a number of extraordinary statements and predictions based on reputed telepathic messages from the Maitreya that have failed to come true; as a result he has been considered a figure of amusement in the press.[45][46][47]”

Raj Patel grew up in London.

The “Telepathic” Powers Of MAITREYA

According to Benjamin CREME, the MAITREYA will have the power of telepathy to speak into the heads of people without verbally speaking. Targeted Individuals are well aware that a form of “synthetic telepathy” is already scientifically possible through the invention of technology and will not be a unique power of a MAITREYA. Some Targeted Individuals are spoken to on a daily basis through V2K (voice to skull) technology which is a form of “synthetic telepathy”, and it has the ability to remotely transmit voices directly into the skull or brain of a victim. However, the psychiatric community call our complaints of “synthetic telepathy” “schizophrenia.”

A Transliteration Of MAITREYA

A “quick” transliteration of MAITREYA is as follows:



The meaning of FALSE is found in MAITREYA as follows:


AYA(RA)TAYA(M)=RAM (MA)RAM(AH) RAM(YAH) (H4820/H7411/H7423)=FALSE, delude (delusion), deceit, guile, feigned, craft, subtilty, treachery

(the “MA” can be considered a prefix and the “AH” and “YAH” can be considered a suffix and not part of the root word RAM)

Examples Of Other Names With FALSE

The letters “RM” or “RAM” in any name has the meaning of FALSE in it such as follows:













“If” anyone should appear on the world scene who is given the title of MAITREYA, that person will have the name of FALSE PROPHET named on them as follows:





The root word in MAITREYA forward is YATAR in the transliteration MA(YATAR)AYA.



Since the Abary words YATAR and PATAL have the same meaning in common, they are equal to one another.





RAJ PATEL is found in MAITREYA as follows:





RAJ PATEL is found in NEW YORK CITY in the original name NEW AMSTERDAM as follows:




The Abary Words That Equal 666

There are certain words in The Word (Bible) which are equal to the number 666 with their prefixes and suffixes. These words are encoded under the number 666 by the design of Creator YAHUWAH, therefore, we need to pay special attention to any word that equals 666. Those words can be seen at the website.

The root word YATAR is one of those words that equals 666.

Note: I do not endorse the religious beliefs of the website. I use the website strictly to calculate the number of names and words and to look up the original text and definitions of Abary and Greek words.

The MAITREYA And PATEL Equal 666

The names MAITREYA and PATEL are equal to YATAR. In The Word (Bible) YATAR is equal to 666 with its prefixes and suffixes as follows:

ויתרן UW(YATAR)AN (H3506)



The MAITREYA And PATEL Equal 666

The names MAITREYA and PATEL are equal to YATAR. In The Word (Bible) YATAR is equal to 666 with its prefixes and suffixes as follows:

מיתריו M(YATAR)YUW (H4340)

MEM (M)(40)
YOD (Y)(10)
TAW (T)(400)
RESH (R)(200)
YOD (Y)(10)
WAW (UW)(6)


The MAITREYA And PATEL Equal 666

The names MAITREYA and PATEL are equal to YATAR. In The Word (Bible) YATAR is equal to 666 with its prefixes and suffixes as follows:

יתרון (YATAR)UWN (H3504)

YOD (Y)(10)
TAW (T)(400)
RESH (R)(200)
WAW (UW)(6)
NUN (N)(50)


The Political And Religious Views Of Raj Patel

Patel is a Libertarian Socialist and has described himself as “someone who has very strong anarchist sympathies.”[25]

He has also described himself as “not a communist … just open minded”,[26][27] and in an interview with The New Yorker’s Lauren Collins as an atheist Hindu.[28]

What Is An Atheist Hindu?

Atheism (Sanskrit: निरीश्वरवाद, nir-īśvara-vāda, lit. “statement of no Lord”, “doctrine of godlessness”) or disbelief in God or gods has been a historically propounded viewpoint in many of the orthodox and heterodox streams of Hindu philosophies.[1] Generally, atheism is valid in Hinduism, but some schools view the path of an atheist to be difficult to follow in matters of spirituality.[2]

Among the various schools of Hindu philosophy, Mimamsa, and Samkhya while not rejecting Brahman, typically rejects a personal God, creator God, or a God with attributes. While Samkhya rejected the idea of an eternal, self-caused, creator God, Mimamsa argued that the Vedas could not have been authored by a deity.


The FALSE PROPHET TEACHER is found in RAJ PATEL as follows:

RAJ=RAY (forward) (the letter “Y” is a variable)

PATEL=PATAL (forward) (the letter “P” equals “R”)

RA(Y)=RA(M) (H7423)=FALSE (Y=M)



RAY=YAR (backwards)=YAR (H3384)=TEACHER

Benjamin CREME

“Benjamin Creme (born 5 December 1922) is a Scottish artist, author, esotericist and editor of Share International magazine.[1]”

“He asserts that the second coming prophesied by many religions will come in the form of Maitreya the World Teacher. Maitreya is the name Buddhists use for the future Buddha, but Creme claims that Maitreya is the teacher that all religions point towards and hope for. Other names for him, according to Creme, are the Christ, the Imam Mahdi, Krishna, and the Messiah. Creme says Maitreya is the “Avatar for the Aquarian Age” and has lived in London since 19 July 1977.[2][3][4]”

Crème Denies Raj Patel Is The MAITREYA

“On 14 January 2010, Creme announced that Maitreya had given his first television interview on American television. Soon afterwards, several people in the United States, working from Creme’s predictions, concluded that British-American journalist and author Raj Patel was Maitreya. After newspaper articles around the world wrote about this story, Benjamin Creme responded that Raj Patel was not the coming World Teacher in an article in The Guardian newspaper called “Raj Patel is not Maitreya, but the World Teacher is here—and needed.”[15]”

Benjamin Crème

Photograph of Benjamin Creme giving a lecture in New York City, July 26, 2008


A “quick” transliteration of CREME into the Abary language is as follows:

CREME=CARAMA (forward)
CREME=AMARAC (backwards)

CAPITAL=CA(P)(Y)ATAL (forward)=CA(R)(M)ATAL (forward)

The name CREME is found in CAPITAL as follows:



The FALSE PROPHET is found in CREME as follows:

CREME=CARAMA (forward)
CREME=AMARAC (backwards)

RAM (MA)RAM(AH) RAM(YAH) (H4820/H7423)=FALSE, deceit, guile, feigned, craft, subtilty, treachery (the “MA” can be considered a prefix and the “AH” and “YAH” can be considered a suffix and not part of the root word RAM)

CA(RAM)A=RAM (H4820/H7423)=FALSE



The FALSE PROPHET is found in CAPITAL as follows:

The letter “P” is equal to letter “RHO” which is equal to “R”. The letter “Y” serves as an unknown variable in mathematics, therefore, the letter “Y” is equal to any Abary letter.

CAPITAL=CA(P)(Y)ATAL (forward)=CA(R)(M)ATAL (forward)




Pray To The Hand Of MAITREYA

According to Benjamin CREME, the hand of MAITREYA appeared on a mirror in a bathroom in Barcelona:

“However, in the case of the image of Maitreya’s hand, the energy does not reside in the photo, but is invoked from Maitreya when you place your hand over the image or simply look at it. You are, in effect, calling forth his healing or blessing or help – whatever is possible within the karmic law. The same effect can be produced even with a photocopy of the image.”

“This is extraordinary. It makes Maitreya’s energy, his help, in one way or another, available to whoever asks.”

This is the hand of Maitreya, portrayed on a mirror in a bathroom in Barcelona.

The Devil Can Transform Himself

2 Corinthians 11:12-14 “

12 “But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we. 13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 14 And no marvel; for Shatan (Satan) himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

The Word (Bible) reveals that fallen angels can transform themselves into the image of other life forms. They are not composed of flesh and blood.

MAITREYA Has The Power Of Transformation

According to Benjamin Crème, the MAITREYA has the ability to transform or “shapeshift” his appearance:

“Almost weekly, Maitreya appears miraculously ‘out of the blue’ at fundamentalist, orthodox religious meetings around the world, always in a form that the group can recognize —He can change His appearance at will. He can be old or young, man or woman, fair or dark. In this way, everyone can identify with Him. He speaks to the gatherings in their own language, and then disappears again.”

“If” the Maitreya appears and he has the ability to “transform” himself, the scriptures reveal transformation as an ability of angels.

Call Me “BRIAN”

Based on a character in the Python (Monty) productions entitled “The Life Of Brian”, Raj Patel tells us to call him BRIAN. A transliteration of BRIAN into the Abary language is as follows:

(B-R)-(I)-A-N (the “i” is equal to the Abary letter “yod” or “y”, we need to insert the Abary letter “a” which has an “ah” sound between the consonants “b” and “r”)


BRIAN=BARYAN (forward)
BRIAN=NAYARAB (backwards)


The FALSE PROPHET TEACHER is found in the nickname BRIAN chosen by RAJ PATEL as follows:

BRIAN=BARYAN (forward)
BRIAN=NAYARAB (backwards)





The CHOSEN is found in BRIAN as follows:

BRIAN=BARYAN (forward)
BRIAN=NAYARAB (backwards)


Is RAJ PATEL the CHOSEN MAITREYA or does the name BRIAN point to another?


The name BARRY is found in BRIAN as follows:

BRIAN=BARYAN (forward)
BRIAN=NAYARAB (backwards)

The letter “N” at the end of a name or word means “KINGDOM.” The letter “Y” means “OF.”



(BARY)AN=BARY=BARRY (R=RR) (may refer to BARRY Soetoro a.k.a. BARACK OBAMA)


The name ARYAN is found in BRIAN as follows:

BRIAN=BARYAN (forward)
BRIAN=NAYARAB (backwards)


There is an ARYAN agenda on the earth. The ARYAN agenda is the belief that one race of people is superior biologically and superior mentally than another race of people. Any race can be an ARYAN.


RAJ PATEL lives in the BAY AREA. The BAY AREA is equal to SAN FRANCISCO. The BAY AREA is found in BRIAN as follows:

BRIAN=BARYAN (forward)
BRIAN=NAYARAB (backwards)


B(ARYA)N=ARYA=AREA (pronounce the same)


Like the name RAJ PATAL, the San Francisco nickname “GAY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD” is found in CAPITAL as follows:





RAJ Equals JAR Backwards

SV-AS10 ImageData

SV-AS10 ImageData

“In the Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhara, in the first centuries CE in northern India, Maitreya is represented as a Central Asian or northern Indian nobleman, holding a “water phial” (Sanskrit: Kumbha) in his left hand.”

The Buddha Maitreya is pictured as carrying a “water phial” which equals a “bottle” or “jar”. The name RAJ is equal to JAR backwards.

False Prophecy Can Come To Pass

Be aware that the prophecies of the false prophets can come to pass too. The false prophets have the ability to orchestrate by design things like fake MAITREYAS, fake raptures, fake healings, and fake miracles.

I, personally, do not believe in the predictions and prophecies of Benjamin Crème as if they are from YAHUWAH, but I do believe that it is possible for the Kingdom of The Beast to arrange their own prophecies and make them come pass. I know that some one like a psychic or false prophet can arrange for me to meet the man of my dreams tomorrow, but will I let the fakester sweep me off my feet? I hope not because he will have been sent to me by the wicked of the devil. He fulfills the wicked’s prophecy for me.

The Rulers Won’t Help Us In Our Tribulation
Chanuwk I (Enoch I) 103:13-15

13. “We desired to get away from them that we might escape and at rest, But found no place whereunto we should flee and be safe from them. 14. And we complained to the rulers in our tribulation, And cried out against those who devoured us, But they did not attend to our cries And would not hearken to our voice. 15. And they helped those who robbed us and devoured us and those who made us few; and they concealed their oppression, and they did not remove from us the yoke of those that devoured us and dispersed us and murdered us, and they concealed their murder, and remembered not that they had lifted up their hands against us.”

Why Are We Targeted Individuals?
Reason #9 Choose A FALSE MAITREYA

The time is coming when the whole world will be required to choose the one whom the elite powers of the world will choose to seat as a FALSE MAITREYA, FALSE MASHYACH, or FALSE MESSIAH like figure or die. Which ruler will we follow? As Targeted Individuals, we are learning that there are very few politicians and religious leaders who are willing to address our issues. We are told in the Book of Chanuwk I (Enoch I) in advance that the rulers will not help us, but will help those who oppress us. The best that we can do is to proclaim the existence of the Targeted Individual experience and its symptoms. I have come to the conclusion that only Creator YAHUWAH and YAHUWSHUWAH Mashyach (Messiah) can help the Man Kind out of this mess.

Leaning On Him That Smote Them

Yashyah (Isaiah) 10:20 “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the remnant of YAHSHARAHAL, and such as are escaped of the house of YAAQAB (Jacob), shall no more again STAY (H8172 SHAAN) upon him that SMOTE (H5221 NAKAH) them; but shall stay upon YAHUWAH, the Qaduwsh One of YAHSHARAHAL, in truth.”

SHAAN (H8172)=LEAN, STAY, RELY, REST, LIETH 1) to lean on, trust in, support


We are warned in advance that the rulers whom we LEAN ON are the very ones that BEAT and KILL us.

Homeless Helpless And Hopeless

The Targeted Individual experience is designed to make us feel homeless, helpless, and hopeless. The Targeted Individual experience is designed to make us want to search for a savior or leader who can help us out of the daily harassment and torture, but The Word (Bible) reveals that the rulers are aware of our tribulation, but they do not want to help us.

To Be Continued

Although both Raj Patel and Benjamin Creme deny that Raj Patel is the MAITREYA, the people of YAHUWAH need to still watch Raj Patel to see if he will play a significant role in these last days because his name is associated with the name of MAITREYA. It is also possible that Raj Patel serves as a “trojan horse”, “red herring”, or “decoy” of distraction to take our eyes off of the “real” MAITREYA. I, personally, was unable to identify any person besides Raj Patel who had interviewed for the first time on American television in January 2010 as a possibility.

This is the end of Part 6G.

Take Heed!


Image of Raj Patel – writer, activist and academic. Author of Value of Nothing and Stuffed and Starved.
Jan Sturmann, Raj Patel – Raj Patel image gallery Raj Patel blog
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CC BY 3.0


Image of Kushan Maitreya. Musee Guimet, Paris. Personal photograph, 2004. en:nl:Afbeelding:Kushan Maitreya.jpg
Original uploader was PHG at en.wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia; transferred to Commons by User:Avraham using CommonsHelper.
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Image of Photograph of Benjamin Creme giving a lecture in New York City, July 26, 2008
Meryl Tihanyi – Own work
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