Targeted Individuals Gang Stalking And The $5000 Official Money Chip [YAHUWAH]


What Is A Targeted Individual?

A Targeted Individual (TI) is a person who has been placed under 24/7 surveillance and harassment by a group of strangers, but can include surveillance and harassment by family, neighbors, friends and co-workers.

Targeted Individuals call those who commit these crimes of surveillance and harassment “perpetrators” or “perps”. They are also called Gang Stalkers.

The $5000 Official Money Chip

I found a $5000 OFFICIAL MONEY CHIP in my mailbox a few days ago.
It was not in an envelope or attached to a piece of paper explaining why it was put in my mailbox.

The Colors RED And WHITE

Since I am a Targeted Individual (TI), I have become sensitive to the colors RED and WHITE. The colors RED and WHITE remind me of the RED and WHITE cars the perpetrators use alternately to follow me and stalk me to make me aware of their presence.

RED points to emergency vehicles.

WHITE points to police vehicles and hospitals (white lab coats).

Target Logo
The RED in the $5000 OFFICIAL MONEY CHIP reminds me of the RED in the Target Corporation Logo which reminds me that I am a Targeted Individual.


Both the colors RED and WHITE makes me think that DANGER is near me and that I should be ON GUARD.

RED Fire Truck

RED Ambulance

WHITE Police Car

WHITE Lab Coat

The Word CHIP

The fact that the $5000 OFFICIAL MONEY CHIP has the word “CHIP” written on it reminds me of the word MICROCHIP. Some Targeted Individuals believe that they have been implanted with a CHIP or CHIPS.

My point is that I am unable to determine if whether or not the $5000 OFFICIAL MONEY CHIP that I found in my mailbox is a CHIP from the perpetrators who are part of the gangs stalking or is the CHIP some type of advertising?

A Coincidence Or A Message From The Gang Stalkers?

I did some research on the $5000 OFFICIAL MONEY CHIP and found out that a company name PLATINUMPLUS PRINTING makes the CHIPS. However, why would this company have someone put the CHIP in my mailbox without an explanation of why? The company name is not on the CHIP.

I find the RED and WHITE $5000 OFFICIAL MONEY CHIP directed at my mailbox odd. Is it a coincidence or does it reek of gang stalking? Has anyone else who is a Targeted Individual (TI) received one in your mailbox?


Image of A red bullseye with one ring is shown.
Target Corporation –

Target Corporation logo, without wordmark.
Uploaded by WikiRedactor
Public Domain

This image contains content which may be subject to trademark laws.


Image of Fire Truck Quint 13 belonging to Fort Lauderdale.
Wankach – Own work

Fort Lauderdale Fire-Rescue Ladder 13, a 1998 Pierce Quantum 105′ aerial ladder with 2000 gpm pump, 200 gallon water tank and 60 foam.

Uploaded by Wankach
Public Domain


Image of Truck based ambulance in the United States using a pre-built box system
Ibagli – Own work

Columbus Fire Department Medic 7
Uploaded by Ibagli
Public Domain


Image of A white coat
Samir at the English language Wikipedia

My lab coat and scrubs — Samir धर्म 11:07, 7 June 2006 (UTC)
Uploaded by Tryphon
CC BY-SA 3.0


Image of A Ford Crown Victoria police car of the New York City Police Department in April 2008.
Cezary Piwowarski – Own work

Ford Crown Victoria – radiowóz nowojorskiej policji

Uploaded by Cezary p


2 thoughts on “Targeted Individuals Gang Stalking And The $5000 Official Money Chip [YAHUWAH]

  1. Holy shit!!! you need an assault rifle, or a therapist, padded room and/or strait jacket. Quick test, do you believe the possibility exists that its all in your head and you are in fact, completely insane and this is all a paranoid delusion… If checked [yes], congratulations! You are not insane, however the bad news, yes, it is a message from the alleged “gang stalkers” yes, they know you talked to the police about them and last but not least… YES! We know where you live!!! If checked [no] WRONG!!! Seek mental health evaluation and continue perscribed treatment plan!

  2. I found one to. I could go on about why I even think this site is bogus. But fuck it. And butt fuck them lames that follow me around. Black n white chip 10000$. And here’s what I say to the perps. Suck my dick. Haha. Why bother trying to win. Fuckem. Yes they are real. Don’t let them discredit you. Fuckem. Laugh in there face. Flippim off, rippem off. Burn rubber. And never surrender. Fuck gangbanging wannabe agents. They tried to box me in on the freeway like always. Im not having it. I will run them off the fuuckin road and leave them suffering like they do to others. I am no judge. And I have no mallot. But enough enough. Test me. Tempt me. And eventually the outcome will be negative in an instant message with no time to back off like they usually do when I get agitated. Cuz now I’m at that point. And i m ready tah flash on the next one. And if recognized and I am sure of it. Kiss your ass goodbye. Time is on my side. Perps have a life. I don’t. They ruined mine. Me spending so much time and energy trippin on em. Well I don’t care anymore fuckem fuckem fuckem. And you know what pisses me off the least. Is that this chip is worthless. My hunger for money is what drives me. Money to pay bullshit bills and make it to work just to keep going. Anything I like they ruin. Anyone close they ruin. Except the hunger. Stay the fuck out my way lames. Or end up roadkill. Time is life and my lifes already over. So time to waste your life. Try me. Watch me. Feeling froggy leap. Leap mother fuckers. —^——————- and get flatlined. It’s either that or I’m crazy. Hmmmm. My mom always said.” Normal is crazy.”

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