The NAME Of The DRAGON On Their Foreheads [YAHUWAH]


There Is Hidden Meaning In Names And Words

The Abary language is erroneously called the “Hebrew” language in our modern times.

The Abary language names and words which is the language of The Word (Bible) have meaning. After foreign names and words are transliterated into the Abary language, then we can find hidden revelation and hidden meaning in the names and words.


Revelation 12:9 “And the great DRAGON was cast out, that old SERPENT, called the DEVIL, and SHATAN (SATAN), which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”




Did You See Touch Or Speak With A Fallen Angel Today?

There are “literally” fallen angels living on the earth who were cast out of heaven. The fallen angels have the ability to disguise themselves in the image of the Man Kind, and they interact with the Man Kind in a “visible” and “tangible” form.

The Abary Word For DRAGON

The Abary word for DRAGON is as follows:


The Letter “X”

They have deceived us into believing that the letter “X” represents the name “CHRIST” as in “XMAS” (CHRISTMAS) and “XIAN” (CHRISTIAN), but I have been given a different revelation.

The fallen angels have clever ways to get us to worship the DRAGON who is, also, known as SERPENT, DEVIL, and SHATAN (SATAN).

The Letter “X” Is Equal To A MARK

Each letter of the Abary alphabet has a meaning. The letter “X” is equal to the Abary letter “TUW” which transliterates to the letter “T”. The letter “TUW” has the following meaning:

TUW (H8420)=MARK
(the Europeans call it “TAW”)


The Letter “X” Is Equal To A NUMBER

The letter “X” is equal to the NUMBER 10 as a Roman Numeral.


Since the letter “X” is equal to the NUMBER 10, the letter “X” is, also, equal to the “spelled out” NUMBER TEN.


The Letter “X” Is Equal To A NAME

A transliteration of the word TEN into the Abary language is as follows:

TEN=TAN (forward) (E=A)


The Truth About The Letter “X”

Be aware that if you permit anyone to put an “X” on your hand or forehead that the “X” represents a MARK, a NUMBER, and a NAME as follows:




“X” On The Forehead
“A cross of ashes on a worshipper’s forehead on Ash Wednesday”

The Truth About XMAS And XIAN

According to the new revelation about the letter “X”, the word “XMAS” equals “DRAGONMAS” which means “MASS OF THE DRAGON” and the word “XIAN” equals “DRAGONIAN” which means “FOLLOWER OF THE DRAGON” or “KINGDOM OF THE DRAGON”.


“In 1950, the FBI opened a file on Little after he wrote a letter from prison to President Truman expressing opposition to the Korean War and declaring himself a Communist.[45] That year, Little also began signing his name “Malcolm X”.[46] He explained in his autobiography that the Muslim’s “X” symbolized the true African family name that he could never know. “For me, my ‘X’ replaced the white slavemaster name of ‘Little’ which some blue-eyed devil named Little had imposed upon my paternal forebears.”[47]”


Anyone among the people of YAHUWAH who changes their surname to “X” will be changing their surname to DRAGON.


The Meaning In 666

It is clear that the Greek letters that represent the number 666 in some of the ancient manuscripts contain an “X” as follows:


Therefore, it is definitely a number the people of YAHUWAH want to avoid because we know that the name of the DRAGON is in it.


Beware Of The DRAGON Named “X”!

Those who receive the “X” in their hand or forehead are walking around with a MARK, NUMBER and NAME of the DRAGON in their hand and forehead.

I do not know if the letter “X” will be part of the final MARK, NUMBER, and NAME that will be required for all to buy and sell, but the people of YAHUWAH need to watch the letter “X” an avoid letting anyone put the NAME of the DRAGON who is the SERPENT, DEVIL, and SHATAN (SATAN) on our body.

Take Heed! Shamar! Raah!


Image of Ashes imposed on the forehead of a Christian on Ash Wednesday.

Author: Oxh973 – Own work by Jennifer Balaska

Public Domain


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