Targeted Individuals In The Name Of GANGSTALKERS #4A [YAHUWAH]


What Is A Targeted Individual?

A Targeted Individual (TI) is a person who has been place under 24/7 surveillance and harassment by a group of strangers, but can include surveillance and harassment by family, neighbors, friends and co-workers.

Targeted Individuals call those who commit these crimes of surveillance and harassment “perpetrators” or “perps” and GANGSTALKERS.

GANGSTALKERS Unnatural Pursuit Of Targeted Individual

The group of strangers will unnaturally pursue a Targeted Individual within the local community, from city to city, state to state, and in some cases country to country. This is why Targeted Individuals (TIs) call them GANGSTALKERS. The GANGSTALKERS appear to consist of a network of individuals from different backgrounds who are designated to harass a targeted individual across state lines and international borders with different methods.


There is hidden meaning in names and words. The Creator named YAHUWAH has given me the gift to see hidden revelation in names and words. After a name or word is transliterated into the Abary language (erroneously called “Hebrew” language), then revelation can be found in the name or word.

There is revelation found in names and words forward and backwards because some languages are read from left to right while others are read from right to left.

What Can We Gain In The Name GANGSTALKERS

Part of the revelation we can gain by looking into the name of the GANGSTALKERS in this presentation series is as follows:

1. We can learn who some of them are.

2. We can learn their character.

3. We can learn about some of their tactics.

4. We can learn if there will be an end to it.

A Transliteration Of GANGSTALKERS

A “quick” transliteration of GANGSTALKERS into the Abary language is as follows:


GREEN Politics

“Green politics (also known as ecopolitics[1]) is a political ideology that aims to create an ecologically sustainable society rooted in environmentalism, nonviolence, social justice, and grassroots democracy.[2] It began taking shape in the western world in the 1970s; since then Green parties have developed and established themselves in many countries around the globe, and have achieved some electoral success.”

GREEN Is Environmentalism

“Environmentalism or environmental rights is a broad philosophy, ideology, and social movement regarding concerns for environmental protection and improvement of the health of the environment, particularly as the measure for this health seeks to incorporate the concerns of non-human elements. Environmentalism advocates the lawful preservation, restoration and/or improvement of the natural environment, and may be referred to as a movement to control pollution or protect plant and animal diversity.[1]”

Environmentalism is worship of the environment.

The Billion Tree Campaign

“The Billion Tree Campaign was launched in 2006, by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as a response to the challenges of global warming, as well as to a wider array of sustainability challenges, from water supply to biodiversity loss.[1] Its initial target was the planting of one billion trees in 2007 (achieved by November).[2]”

“Over 14.2 billion trees have been planted as of 2016.[4] The Billion Tree Campaign calls upon all individuals, countries and companies to participate, and accepts all contributions.”

The GREEN Horse

Revelation 6:8 “And I looked, and behold a GREEN (G5515 CHLOROS; PALE) horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Shauwl (H7585/G86 Hades; “Hell”) followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

The correct color of the Horse is GREEN (see Revelation 8:7; Revelation 9:4). There is a GREEN Agenda on the earth. Part of the GREEN ideology is love of the environment over love of the Man Kind. The GREEN horse rider wants to DEPOPULATE the earth of the Man Kind.


GREEN HORSE is found in GANGSTALKERS as follows:




The GANGSTALKERS are part of the GREEN HORSE Agenda.


Revelation 8:7 “The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of TREES was BURNT up, and all GREEN GRASS was BURNT up.”

While people are being harassed, tortured, and killed on a daily basis as Targeted Individuals all over the world, there are organizations, politicians, and people who are more concerned about protecting TREES and GRASS rather than protecting people, and that is part of the reason why the Creator named YAHUWAH is going to BURN a third part of their TREES and all their GREEN GRASS in the first trumpet judgment.

The GREEN People Love The GREEN Forest

Yashayah (Isaiah) 10:17-19

17 “And the light of YAHSHARAHAL shall be for a fire, and his Qaduwsh (“Set-apart One”) for a flame: and it shall BURN and devour his thorns and his briers in one day; 18 And shall consume the glory of his FOREST, and of his fruitful field, both soul and body: and they shall be as when a standardbearer fainteth. 19 and the rest of the TREES of his FOREST shall be few, that a child may write them.”

The Creator named YAHUWAH is going to BURN their FORESTS.


TREES, GRASS, and FORESTS are found in GANGSTALKERS as follows:





Do You Plan To Run To The Forests In A “SHTF” Situation?

Those who think they can escape tribulation in a “SHTF” situation by hiding out in the FOREST off grid need to rethink their plans because the Creator named YAHUWAH has something against the FORESTS of the wicked. Some of the FORESTS are going to BURN. Those of us who live in the city need to be aware that the telegraph poles made of wood “may” be considered TREES planted in the ground with the branches cut off of them. Some of the telegraph poles may be destined to BURN too, and this will cut off the electricity and communications for some. This information is especially important for Targeted Individuals who have been made homeless and forced to live in tents in the FOREST.

Cell Tower

“A cell site or cell tower is a cellular telephone site where antennae and electronic communications equipment are placed, usually on a radio mast, tower or other high place, to create a cell (or adjacent cells) in a cellular network.”

Fake Cell Phone Tower TREES

“There is often local opposition to new masts for reasons of safety and appearance. The latter is sometimes tackled by disguising the mast as something else, such as a flag pole, street lamp, or a tree (e.g. palm trees, pine trees, cypress..) or rooftop structures or urban features such as chimneys or panels.”

“Nicknames include “monopalm” for a monopole disguised as a palm tree or “Pseudopinus telephoneyensis” for a mast disguised as a pine tree.[10]”

Fake Palm Cell Phone Tower TREE
“Camouflaged monopole, called “monopalm”, in Tucson, Arizona”

The Creator named YAHUWAH has something against the TREES, GRASS, and FORESTS of the wicked. Some of their TREES, GRASS, and FORESTS are going to BURN.

Fake Pine Cell Phone Tower TREE
“These concealed cell sites can distinguish themselves by foliage shape and bark type.”

The Creator named YAHUWAH has something against the TREES, GRASS, and FORESTS of the wicked. Some of their TREES, GRASS, and FORESTS are going to BURN.


CELL TOWERS are found in GANGSTALKERS as follows:





“According to documents leaked to Der Spiegel, the NSA sells a $40,000 “active GSM base station” to be used as a tool to mimic a mobile phone tower and thus monitor cell phones.[11]”

“In November 2014, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Technical Operations Group of the U.S. Marshals utilizes spy devices, known as “dirtboxes”, to mimic powerful cell tower signals. Such devices are designed to cause mobile phones to switch over to the tower, as it is the strongest signal within reach. The devices are placed on airplanes to effectively create a “dragnet”, gathering data about phones as the planes travel above populated areas.[12][13]”


“Christmas or Christmas Day (Old English: Crīstesmæsse, meaning “Christ’s Mass”) is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus,[7][8] observed most commonly on December 25[4][9][10] as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.[2][11][12]”

The Christmas Tree

“A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, pine, or fir or an artificial tree of similar appearance, associated with the celebration of Christmas.”

“Tree worship was common among the pagan Europeans and survived their conversion to Christianity in the Scandinavian customs of decorating the house and barn with evergreens at the New Year to scare away the devil and of setting up a tree for the birds during Christmastime.”[9]”

The Christmas TREE Was A Pagan Custom In Ancient Times

Yaramyah (Jeremiah) 10:1-4

1 “Hear ye the word which YAHUWAH speaketh unto you, O house of YAHSHARAHAL: 2 Thus saith YAHUWAH, Learn not the way of the HEATHEN, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the HEATHEN are dismayed at them. 3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a TREE out of the FOREST, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. 4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.”

Decking a TREE with decorations is described as being a HEATHEN custom. It is still a HEATHEN custom.

The Meaning Of HEATHEN
(Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary)



gentile, idolater (or idolator), pagan


Christmas TREES Inside The Houses May Not Escape The Fire
“White house Christmas tree”

The Creator named YAHUWAH has something against the TREES, GRASS, and FORESTS of the wicked. Some of their TREES, GRASS, and FORESTS are going to BURN.


HEATHENS are found in GANGSTALKERS as follows:



No Vegetable Gardens In The Front Yard

“Local ordinances determine what owners and residents can and can’t do in their front yards. In recent times, sustainability enthusiasts and practitioners have attempted to use their front yards to grow organic produce, in violation of existing codes. In Orlando, Florida, for example, city codes set standards for front yard ground covering and prescribe lawns only. Residents there have received citations for breaching the code by growing vegetable gardens and are currently fighting to have the ordinances amended.[29]”


There are those who would rather plant a vegetable garden in their front yards rather than have manicured GRASS, but laws have been established in some cities that makes it illegal.

There are those who are upset because animals “poop” on their manicured GRASS, and laws have been established to have owners immediately clean up the “poop” even on their property. However, “pooping” outside on GRASS is a natural body function for animals,
and the Creator named YAHUWAH said it was “very good (Genesis 1:31).”


VANITY in his own Beauty is what made the Devil fall (Yachazaqaal/Ezekiel 28:11-19). Their concept of beauty is misplaced. They do not find beauty in vegetable gardens in the front yard. They do not seem to understand that having enough food to feed your family is a beautiful thing.

GREED is what made the Devil fall because he desired to be like Alahyam (“Elohim”; Yashayah/Isaiah 14:12-15). They have chosen the $RICHES$ of property value, and the VANITY of beautiful GRASS over human and animal welfare and survival.


VANITY and GREED is found in GANGSTALKERS as follows:





There is a prophecy against the TREES, GRASS, and FORESTS of the wicked. FIRE BURNS is found in GANGSTALKERS as follows:



The Creator named YAHUWAH has something against the TREES, GRASS, and FORESTS of the wicked. Some of their TREES, GRASS, and FORESTS are going to BURN.

There Are GANGSTALKERS On The Earth

Revelation 3:22 “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Ruwach (H7307/G4151 “Spirit”) saith unto the muwad (H4150/G1577 ekklesia; “churches”).

I hope to continue this presentation series in Part #4B.

Take Heed! Shamar! Raah!


Image of The “Gold” is the yellow circle at the centre of this archery target

Author: Alberto Barbati – Own work

An un-official 80cm FITA archery target

CC BY-SA 2.5


Image of Camouflaged monopole, called “monopalm”, in Tucson, Arizona

Author: Gary Minnaert (Minnaert) – Own work

Public Domain


Image of cell site, pennington creek road, san luis obispo from wikipedia: These concealed cell sites can distinguish themselves by foliage shape and bark type. The foliage of all these antennas is composed of leaves made of plastic material accurately designed,

CC BY-SA 2.5
Date: 11 March 2014, 08:50:58
Source: Flickr: tree pruning 1 “Pseudopinus telephoneyensis”
Author: devra


Image of White house Christmas tree

Author: Tina Hager – The White House

The Blue Room has long been the location of the official White House Christmas Tree. Ed and Cindy Hedlund and their son Thomas, of Hedlund Christmas Farm in Elma, Washington presented this year’s 18-foot noble fir to President George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush.

Public Domain


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