The Three Races: JAPHETH [YAHUWAH]



There is hidden meaning in names and words. The Creator named YAHUWAH has given me the gift to see hidden revelation in names and words. After a name or word is transliterated into the Abary language (erroneously called “Hebrew” language), then revelation can be found in the name or word.

There is revelation found in names and words forward and backwards because some languages are read from left to right while others are read from right to left.


Book of Chanuwk I (Enoch I) 106:1-3

1. “And after some days my ban (“son”) Matuwshalach (Methuselah) took a wife for his ban (“son”) Lamak (Lamech), and she became pregnant by him and bore a ban (“son”). 2. And his BODY was WHITE as SNOW and RED as the blooming of a ROSE, and the hair of his head †and his LONG LOCKS were WHITE as WOOL, and his EYES BEAUTIFUL†. And when he opened his EYES, he LIGHTED up the whole house like the sun, and the whole house was very BRIGHT. 3. And thereupon he arose in the hands of the midwife, opened his mouth, and †conversed with† Adany (“Adonai”) of righteousness.”

Afraid He Is Not My Child

Book of Chanuwk (Enoch) 106:12

12. “And his father Lamak (Lamech) became afraid and fled to me, and did not believe that he was sprung from him, but that he was in the likeness of the angels of heaven; and behold I have come to thee that thou mayest make known to me the truth.’”

Nuwach (Noah) was not in the same image as his father Lamak (Lamech).


“Blushing is the reddening of a person’s face due to psychological reasons. It is normally involuntary and triggered by emotional stress, such as that associated with embarrassment, anger, or romantic stimulation.”

“For a person to flush is to become markedly red in the face and often other areas of the skin, from various physiological conditions.”

“RED As The Blooming Of A ROSE”

We are, specifically, told that the BODY of NUWACH (NOAH) was WHITE. The “RED” mentioned in the account is the “RED” of a “BLUSH” or “FLUSH” that causes a “ROSY” color in the skin of some WHITE people. Most of the time, the “RED” color of the “BLUSH” or “FLUSH” is not permanent.


NUWACH (NOAH) had LONG LOCKS (HAIR) that were WHITE or BLOND in color as WOOL.


NUWACH (NOAH) had color in his EYES that LIGHTED up and were not like his father. His father called the EYES of NUWACH (NOAH) BEAUTIFUL. The child was so different than his father that his father thought one of the fallen angels might have been sexually active with his wife.

The WHITE Man Was A NEW Thing

Book of Chanuwk (Enoch) 106:13

13. And I, Chanuwk (Enoch), answered and said unto him: ‘Adany (Adonai) will do a new thing on the earth, and this I have already seen in a vision, and make known to thee that in the generation of my father Yarad (Jared) some of the angels of heaven transgressed the word of Adany (Adonai).

The WHITE man was a NEW thing on the earth. Before the birth of NUWACH (NOAH), The Man Kind were BLACK and BROWN people.

The WHITE Man Is
The Ban (“Son”) Of The Black Or Brown Man

Book of Chanuwk (Enoch) 106:16-18

16. “And this ban (“son”) who has been born unto you shall be left on the earth, and his three children shall be saved with him: when all mankind that are on the earth shall die [he and his ban (“sons”) shall be saved]. 18. And now make known to thy ban (“son”) LAMAK (LAMECH) that he who has been born is in truth his son, and call his name NUWACH (NOAH); for he shall be left to you, and he and his ban (“sons”) shall be saved from the destruction, which shall come upon the earth on account of all the sin and all the unrighteousness, which shall be consummated on the earth in his days.”

The Letters Of The Name JAPHETH

The letters that represent the name JAPHETH (H3315) in the Abary language are as follows:

י‎ YAD=Y

A Transliteration Of JAPHETH

JAPHETH is an English translation. A “quick” transliteration of the name JAPHETH into the Abary language is as follow:


(a fill-in letter “A” which has an “AH” sound is inserted between the consonants “Y” and “P” and “P” and “T”)

YAPAT (forward)
TAPAY (backwards)

The Etymology Of WHITE

“From Middle English whit, hwit, from Old English hwīt, from Proto-Germanic *hwītaz (whence also West Frisian wyt, Dutch wit, German weiß, Norwegian hvit), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱweytos ‎(“bright; shine”).”

WHITE=WHIT (Middle English)

WHITE=WYT (West Frisian)



WHITE is found in YAPAT as follows:


(Y=W) (AA=EE=Y=I)


The etymology states that the word WHITE means BRIGHT and SHINE. BRIGHT and SHINE is found in YAPAT as follows:




BEAUTY and LIGHT is found in YAPAT as follows:


(Y)A(P)AT=YP=UWR (H216/H215)=LIGHT (Y=UW) (P=RHO=R)


Both NUWACH (NOAH) and YAPAT (JAPHETH) were a NEW thing as far as their appearance is concerned. Both NUWACH (NOAH) and YAPAT (JAPHETH) have the meaning of NEW in their names as follows:

(NUW)ACH=NUW=NEW (H5146 pronounced the same)

YAPAT (forward)=TAPAY (backwards)


Both NUWACH (NOAH) and YAPAT (JAPHETH) were WHITE men, and their race was a NEW thing.

The Three Divisions Of The Land

Yuwbalyam (Jubilees) 8:10-11

10. “And it came to pass in the beginning of the thirty-third yuwbalyam (jubilee) that they divided the earth into three parts, for SHAM (SHEM) and CHAM (HAM) and YAPAT (JAPHETH), according to the inheritance of each, in the first year in the first week, when one of us, who had been sent, was with them. 11. And he called his ban (“sons), and they drew nigh to him, they and their children, and he divided the earth into the lots, which his three ban (“sons”) were to take in possession, and they reached forth their hands, and took the writing out of the bosom of NUWACH (NOAH), their father.”

The NORTH Land

Yuwbalyam (Jubilees) 8:25-26

25. “And for YAPAT (JAPHETH) came forth the third portion beyond the river Tyana (Tina) to the NORTH of the outflow of its waters, and it extends NORTH-easterly to the whole region of Guwg (Gog) and to all the country east thereof. 26. And it extends NORTHERLY to the NORTH, and it extends to the mountains of Qalat (Qelt) towards the NORTH, and towards the sea of Mauwk (Mauk), and it goes forth to the east of Gadyar (Gadir) as far as the region of the waters of the sea.”

YAPAT (JAPHETH) inherited the NORTH land. YAPAT (JAPHETH) and his descendants are WHITE men.


Yuwbalyam (Jubilees) 8:27-28

27. “And it extends until it approaches the west of Para (Fara) and it returns towards Aparag (Afarag), and it extends easterly to the waters of the sea of Maat (Meat). 28. And it extends to the region of the river Tyana (Tina) in a NORTHeasterly direction until it approaches the boundary of its waters towards the mountain Rapa (Rafa), and it turns round towards the NORTH.”

YAPAT (JAPHETH) inherited the NORTH land. YAPAT (JAPHETH) and his descendants are WHITE men.

The COLD Land

Yuwbalyam (Jubilees) 8:29-30

29. “This is the land which came forth for YAPAT (JAPHETH) and his ban (“sons”) as the portion of his inheritance which he should possess for himself and his ban (“sons”), for their generations for ever; five great islands, and a great land in the NORTH. 30. But it is COLD, and the land of CHAM (HAM) is hot, and the land of SHAM (SHEM) is neither hot nor cold, but it is of blended cold and heat.”

YAPAT (JAPHETH) who is a WHITE man inherited the COLD land in the NORTH.

Disadvantages Of Light Skin

“Light-skinned people living in high sunlight environments are more susceptible to the harmful UV rays of sunlight because of the lack of melanin produced in the skin. The most common risk that comes with high exposure to sunlight is the increased risk of sunburns. This increased risk has come along with the cultural practice of sunbathing, which is popular among some human populations. This cultural practice to gain tanned skin if not regulated properly can lead to sunburn, especially among very lightly-skinned humans. The overexposure to sunlight also can lead to basal cell carcinoma, which is a common form of skin cancer.”

“A sunburnt back that was partially protected by a bathing suit top.”

Basal Cell Carcinoma
“Note the pearly translucency to fleshy color, tiny blood vessels on the surface, and sometime ulceration which can be characteristics.”

Faster Aging Of Light Skin

“Individuals with lightly pigmented skin who are repeatedly exposed to strong UV radiation, experience faster aging of the skin, which shows in increased wrinkling and anomalies of pigmentation. Oxidative damage causes the degradation of protective tissue in the dermis, which confers the strength of the skin.[15]”

The Purpose Of The WHITE Skin

From a health perspective, the NORTH is the safest place for YAPAT (JAPHETH) to be.

YAHUWAH created YAPAT (JAPHETH) with WHITE skin because He knew in advance that He was going to send him to the NORTH land where it is COLD.

YAPAT (JAPHETH) did not need a lot of melanin in his skin to thrive in the COLD.

The WHITE skin was given to YAPAT (JAPHETH) as a blessing.

Like Father Like Ban (“Son”)

The word WHITE is found in the name YAPAT (JAPHETH) because YAPAT (JAPHETH) was a WHITE man, and he looked like his father NUWACH (NOAH) who was a WHITE man in his physical appearance.

The Creator named YAHUWAH sent YAPAT (JAPHETH) and his descendants to the NORTH where it is COLD, and the majority of his descendants live there to this very day.

Take Heed! Shamar! Raah!


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