The Three Races: SHEM [YAHUWAH]


There is hidden meaning in names and words. The Creator named YAHUWAH has given me the gift to see hidden revelation in names and words. After a name or word is transliterated into the Abary language (erroneously called “Hebrew” language), then revelation can be found in the name or word.

There is revelation found in names and words forward and backwards because some languages are read from left to right while others are read from right to left.


We learned in my presentation entitled “The Three Races: JAPHETH” that NUWACH (NOAH) was the first WHITE man created on the earth by YAHUWAH which means that his wife was a BLACK or BROWN woman.

The father and mother of NUWACH (NOAH) were BLACK or BROWN people.

The Three Divisions Of The Land

Yuwbalyam (Jubilees) 8:10-11

10. “And it came to pass in the beginning of the thirty-third yuwbalyam (jubilee) that they divided the earth into three parts, for SHAM (SHEM) and CHAM (HAM) and YAPAT (JAPHETH), according to the inheritance of each, in the first year in the first week, when one of us, who had been sent, was with them. 11. And he called his ban (“sons), and they drew nigh to him, they and their children, and he divided the earth into the lots, which his three ban (“sons”) were to take in possession, and they reached forth their hands, and took the writing out of the bosom of NUWACH (NOAH), their father.”

A Transliteration Of SHEM

A “quick” transliteration of SHEM into the Abary language is as follows:

SHEM=SHAM (forward)
SHEM=MASH (backwards)

SHEM=SAHAM (forward)
SHEM=MAAHS (backwards)

The “BLACK” Hieroglyph

“The Egyptian hieroglyph for “black” in Gardiner’s sign list is numbered I6. Its phonetic value is km. The Wörterbuch der Aegyptischen Sprache-(Dictionary of the Egyptian Language) lists no less than 24 different terms of km indicating ‘black’ such as black stone, metal, wood, hair, eyes, and animals.[1]”


(a fill-in letter “A” which has an “AH” sound is inserted between the consonants “K” and “M”)

A Transliteration Rule: Letter “C”

The letter “C” is equal to the letters “SH”, “S”, “CH”, “K”, “TS”, and “Q.”


All of these letters can serve as substitutions for one another in a name of word. For example, the name SHAM can transliterate as follows:



BLACK and BROWN PEOPLE are found in SHAM (SHEM) as follows:

SHEM=SAHAM (forward)





The Letter “H” In ABARA(H)AM

Genesis 17:5 “Neither shall thy name any more be called ABARAM, but thy name shall be ABARAHAM; for a father of many nations have I made thee.”

When the letter “H” was added to the name of ABARAM by YAHUWAH to change it to ABARA(H)AM, it added the meaning of “HAM” which is the HOT and SUNBURNT root word which points to a BLACK and BROWN people. ABARAHAM is a descendant of SHAM (SHEM) and they both were BLACK or BROWN people.


CHOSEN PEOPLE are found in ABARAHAM as follows:

ABARAHAM (forward)=MAAHRABA (backwards)




ABAR, ARAM, and ARAB are found in ABARAHAM as follows:

ABARAHAM (forward)=MAAHRABA (backwards)




All of these nations are BLACK and BROWN nations.

The Meaning Of BAY


: reddish brown (a bay mare)


BAY is found in ABARAHAM as follows:

ABARAHAM (forward)=MAAHRABA (backwards)


Bay Horse #1


Bay Horse #2

Keví zastavil aby si nechal udelat portrét

Bay Horse #3

Bay Horse #4

The Ancestry Of The CHOSEN PEOPLE

The CHOSEN PEOPLE named YAHSHARAHAL are the seed of SHAM (SHEM), ABAR (EBER), ABARAHAM, YATSACHAQ (ISAAC), and YAAQAB (JACOB), who was part ARAMEAN (SYRIAN) whose name was changed to YAHSHARAHAL.



The CHOSEN PEOPLE who are BLACK and BROWN PEOPLE were CURSED because they sinned against their Creator named YAHUWAH. CURSE is found in ABARAHAM as follows:

ABARAHAM (forward)=MAAHRABA (backwards)


Part of the CURSE against the CHOSEN PEOPLE in Deuteronomy 28:68 was the CURSE of becoming BONDMEN and BONDWOMEN (CAPTIVES, SLAVES).


TAKEN WEST and SOUTH by SEAFARING MEN are found in ABARAHAM as follows:

ABARAHAM (forward)=MAAHRABA (backwards)




The “Yoke Of Iron Upon Thy Neck”

Deuteronomy 28:48 “Therefore shalt thou serve thine enemies which YAHUWAH shall send against thee, in hunger, and in thirst, and in nakedness, and in want of all things: and he shall put a yoke of iron upon thy neck, until he have destroyed thee.”

The BLACK and BROWN PEOPLE who were transported from Africa in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade are among the slaves who had a “yoke of iron” put upon their neck.

Slave With Torture Collar

Slave Collar On Page Boy

The CHOSEN PEOPLE Are Still Slaves In All The Nations

The CHOSEN PEOPLE were sent back to Matsary (Egypt) to become slaves again. The NORTH countries calls themselves the WEST. The NORTH countries took away the CHOSEN PEOPLE from the African continent in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade where slavery was concentrated in Brazil in SOUTH America and in the SOUTH states in America. The BLACK and BROWN PEOPLE were, also, TAKEN away as slaves into all nations.

The Inheritance Of SHAM (SHEM)

Yuwbalyam (Jubilees) 8:12-13

12. “And there came forth on the writing as SHAM’S (SHAM’S) lot the MIDDLE OF THE EARTH which he should take as an inheritance for himself and for his ban (“sons”) for the generations of eternity, from the MIDDLE of the mountain range of Rapa (Rafa), from the mouth of the water from the river Tyana (Tina). and his portion goes towards the west through the midst of this river, and it extends till it reaches the water of the abysses, out of which this river goes forth and pours its waters into the sea Maat (Meat), and this river flows into the great sea. And all that is towards the NORTH is YAPAT”S (JAPHETH’S), and all that is towards the SOUTH belongs to SHAM (SHEM). 13. And it extends till it reaches Karasuw (Karaso): this is in the bosom of the tongue which looks towards the SOUTH.”


SHAM’S (SHEM’S) inheritance is located in the MIDDLE OF THE EARTH and SOUTH of YAPAT (JAPHETH) whose inheritance is in the NORTH.

The Garden Of Adan (Eden)

Yuwbalyam (Jubilees) 8:14-16

14. “And his portion extends along the great sea, and it extends in a straight line till it reaches the west of the tongue which looks towards the SOUTH; for this sea is named the tongue of the Matsaryam (Egyptian) Sea. 15. And it turns from here towards the SOUTH towards the mouth of the great sea on the shore of (its) waters, and it extends to the west to Apara (Afra) and it extends till it reaches the waters of the river Gyachuwn (Gihon), and to the SOUTH of the waters of Gyachuwn (Gihon), to the banks of this river. 16. And it extends towards the east, till it reaches the Garden of Adan (Eden), to the SOUTH thereof, [to the SOUTH] and from the east of the whole land of Adan (Eden) and of the whole east, it turns to the †east,† and proceeds till it reaches the east of the mountain named Rapa (Rafa), and it descends to the bank of the mouth of the river Tyana (Tina).”

May Adany (“Adonai”) Dwell There

Yuwbalyam (Jubilees) 8:17-18

17. “This portion came forth by lot for SHAM (SHEM) and his ban (“sons”), that they should possess it for ever unto his generations for evermore. 18. And NUWACH (NOAH) rejoiced that this portion came forth for SHAM (SHEM) and for his ban (“sons”), and he remembered all that he had spoken with his mouth in prophecy; for he had said: Blessed be Adany (“Adonai”) Alahyam of SHAM (SHEM), And may Adany (“Adonai”) dwell in the dwelling of SHAM (SHEM).””

The Three Set-Apart Places

Yuwbalyam (Jubilees) 8:19-20

19. “And he knew that the Garden of Adan (Eden) is the qaduwsh of qaduwsh (set-apart of set-apart), and the dwelling of Adany (“Adonai”), and Mount Syany (Sinai) the centre of the desert, and Mount Tsyuwn (Zion)–the centre of the navel of the earth: these three were created as qaduwsh (set-apart) places facing each other. 20. And he blessed the Alahyam of alahyam, who had put the word of Adany (Adonai) into his mouth, and Adany (Adonai) for evermore.”

A Blessed Portion

Yuwbalyam (Jubilees) 8:21

21. “And he knew that a blessed portion and a blessing had come to SHAM (SHEM) and his ban (“sons”) unto the generations for ever–the whole land of Adan (Eden) and the whole land of the Red Sea, and the whole land of the east, and India, and on the Red Sea and the mountains thereof, and all the land of Bashan, and all the land of Labanuwn (Lebanon) and the islands of Kapatuwr (Kaftur), and all the mountains of Sanyar (Sanir) and Amana, and the mountains of Ashuwr (Asshur) in the north, and all the land of Alam (Elam), Ashuwr (Asshur), and Babal (Babel), and Suwsan (Susan) and Mady (Maedai) and all the mountains of Ararat, and all the region beyond the sea, which is beyond the mountains of Ashuwr (Asshur) towards the north, a blessed and spacious land, and all that is in it is very good.”


Yuwbalyam (Jubilees) 8:29-30

29. “This is the land which came forth for YAPAT (JAPHETH) and his ban (“sons”) as the portion of his inheritance which he should possess for himself and his ban (“sons”), for their generations for ever; five great islands, and a great land in the NORTH. 30. But it is COLD, and the land of CHAM (HAM) is hot, and the land of SHAM (SHEM) is neither hot nor cold, but it is of blended cold and heat.”

SHAM (SHEM) who was a BLACK or BROWN man inherited the NEITHER HOT NOR COLD (BLENDED) land.

LOVE Of YAHUWAH For His People

Deuteronomy 6:5  “And thou shalt LOVE YAHUWAH thy Alahyam with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.”

Deuteronomy 7:13  “And he will LOVE thee, and bless thee, and multiply thee: he will also bless the fruit of thy womb, and the fruit of thy land, thy corn, and thy wine, and thine oil, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep, in the land which he sware unto thy fathers to give thee.”


The LOVE for ABARAHAM and his SEED named YAHSHARAHAL and ALL who repent and turn away from their sin is found in ABARAHAM as follows:

ABARAHAM (forward)=MAAHRABA (backwards)


Fear Not

Yashayah (Isaiah) 43:5-7

5 “Fear not: for I am with thee: I will bring thy seed from the east, and gather thee from the west; 6 I will say to the north, Give up; and to the south, Keep not back: bring my ban (“sons”) from far, and my bat (“daughters”) from the ends of the earth;7 Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him.”

Unlike Father

The WHITE man named NUWACH (NOAH) had a BROWN ban (“son”) named SHAM (SHEM) who inherited the MIDDLE OF THE EARTH where it has COLD and HEATED (BLENDED) weather.


Take Heed! Shamar! Raah!


Image of Map of the Twelve Tribes of Israel

12 tribus de Israel.svg: Translated by Kordas 12 staemme israels heb.svg: by user:יוסי 12 staemme israels.png: by user:Janz derivative work: Richardprins (talk) – 12 tribus de Israel.svg 12 staemme israels heb.svg 12 staemme israels.png

CC BY-SA 3.0


Image of Photo of a bay-colored 3/4 Arabian mare. Freeze brand with first symbol a sideways “A” indicates partbred ancestry.

Author: Montanabw Source: Own work Date: Summer 2006

Montanabw – Own work

CC BY-SA 3.0


Image of Dark bay or “brown” horses often have lighter hair around the muzzle, eyes, flanks, and behind the elbow

Hanka Čertík –
Kevin Tornado, Czech trotter gelding

GFDL and CC by dual license

File:Kevin Tornado Zlosyn 2005.jpg

Created: 31 December 2004


Image of A very dark bay horse might appear to be almost black

Montanabw – Own work

Purebred Arabian stallion Maclintock V (Desperado V x Marigold V)

CC BY-SA 3.0


Image of Bay foals, like this one, sometimes have pale hairs on their legs and in their mane and tail until they shed their foal coats

Vassil – Own work

Très jeune poulain de race ardennaise, couché près de sa mère.(Le désinfectant sous le ventre reçu à la naissance est encore visible.)

Public Domain


Image of Page Boy with slave collar, Dutch 17th-century painting.

Shanker Pur – Own work

A painting on panel depicting the head of a black page boy wearing a silver collar indicating his status as a slave.
CC BY-SA 3.0

Created: 7 November 2012


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