The Core Beliefs of the author of this website are based upon the restoration of the true names as follows:

1. The true name of the Creator of the heavens and the earth is YAHUWAH.

2. The true name of the Ban (male child) of Yahuwah is YAHUWSHUWAH AMANUWAL.

3. The true name of the people called by the name of Yahuwah is YAHSHARAHAL.

4. Abaraham is of the seed of Sham and of the seed of Abar, therefore, his descendants are called Abary people.

5. The descendants of Abaraham were among those black people who were transported as slaves in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade from the African continent and dispersed into all the nations as punishment by the hands of Yahuwah for disobedience.

6. Yahuwah’s plan of salvation includes the Gentiles. Abaraham was only the beginning of the salvation of Yahuwah.

7. Yahuwshuwah died for the sins of “repentant” mankind and bloodline alone will get no one into the Kingdom of Yahuwah.

8. The set-part city called by the name of Yahuwah is Yahruwshalam.

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  1. Dear Bretherens,
    Greetings in Yeshua name.I am interested with your teachings.I welcome you to Kenya and teach my congregation.i hope you will consider my prayer request and affiliate with us.Thanks and may Yahveh bless you Greatly.
    Yours in Yeshua name,
    Pastor:Pius Mboti

  2. Yours is such a wonderful and humble, yet driven and commissioned ministry! HalleluYAH! Praise You Yah for sending out brothers (such as you deptisill) to aid in awaking the “lost sheep” among us! I visit your teachings often! Shalom ~

  3. Dear Prophet Dr. David Edward Owuor [YAHUWAH] ,

    Permit me to introduce to you the Android Mini PC/ box which is now used to stream internet media broadcast to millions of views around the world, especial those living in the developed and developing world where internet availability is handy.

    Sir, attached in the email is the picture of an android device which is used to offer Internet digital broadcast to millions of international viewers. I will be delighted to work in development of a fully functioning The Lord’s Chosen android application that will run on the android TV boxes to bring your internet media broadcast/live streams to millions of international view directly on their TV set.

    Most of the church programs, can be stream to million of homes abroad (especially The Live TV ) . This can save great cost and technical cost in in engaging on international media broadcast, which do not require the ministry to travel abroad or engage to country restrictions.

    The application will also allow people to communicate real time, to share testimonies, on the TV, by just tweeting directly from their tweeter and Facebook accounts. The application can also allow online store inclusion, as i know the Church has lots of books and other church materials. People can order your books and other church material from around the world , directly from their TV set.

    People will not need to glue on laptops, computers, to watch your broadcasts, but will have the comfort of view from their living room, or any where TV and internet is available like shops, and other open places.

    Sir, the importance of the device is great for the ministry works even in regions the ministry can’t go to. (Arab Nations, Asia and others).

    I humbly await your reply to my email, as i can travel down to your country, to show you the functions of this device and how it can be customized to be your church digital TV box.

    With Great humility sir
    May God continue to expand the ministry.

    Jude Onyekwere
    Tel: +60108760295

  4. Please also there is a Nigerian man called Kunle Samuel Adewumi is a Total pure con man travel to Kenya Kisii and take picture to raise funds for him self , he is living in London please help us to announce this to the people.

  5. I am still reading a lot of what you have here on this site. ( I just came across it last night.)..You say you do not believe in our God and Jesus…, but I find that what i read from you is the same as the God and Jesus that i grew up believing in.Coud you please explain the difference for me..( i hope to be able to continue to read the rest of what you have to say. I really dobelieve that what yo have to say corresponds with my own personal thoughts. ..By the way, i have no affiliation with any organized religion as i think they lead me astray….I SHALL CONTINUE TO SEEK THE TRUTH. rEGARDS TO YOU….Barb

  6. Hey Brotha, we spoke maybe about a year ago. I too am a targeted individual subjected to 24 hour V2k. I mentioned that I think this targeting is just an extension of the FBI’s CoIntelpro with the CIA’s Mk-ULTRA thrown in for good measure, along with military grade directed energy weapons. And I believe that the primary targets are black people. I believe that based on the usual suspects historical use of these types of pogroms (Tuskegee experiment) against those groups whom they feel have the fewest safeguards or protections against these kinds of psychotic govt programs and who most of the population won’t care about or believe when they complain about what is happening. You can tell a lot about a perp by the victim he chooses. And it is well known that the US government has been at the helm of some of the most psychotic, sinister, covert pogroms the world has NOT known about til somebody either blew the whistle or true patriots like Frank Church exposed the world to them. We need another cleansing on the international stage. The roaches need to be sent scattering. Again. But I think the Church Hearings are why they’ve chosen these directed energy weapons–they can easily be used remotely and those victimized by them can easily be written off as ‘crazy’. That is until they started targeting so many of us after the 9/11 and the Un-Patriot Act made it ‘legal’. Now we are all over the web telling our stories. I believe this, like CoIntelpro & the Tuskegee Experiment will be exposed for the world to bear witness AND we will be compensated. Screw an apology. Or should I say a fake apology. I intend on having this sick freaks PAY me for the years of continuous harassment and targeting. We all deserve that and we will get it. To all who are being targeted, stay strong and know that you are targeted b/c they see something in you that they cannot control, usurp or contain. And it scared them enough that they felt you had to be neutralized. Don’t lament that power; revel in it. Because you should know that God chose you because HE knew you could weather the storm and triumph. We can’t say that about everybody.

  7. “5. The descendants of Abaraham were among those black people who were transported as slaves in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade from the African continent and dispersed into all the nations as punishment by the hands of Yahuwah for disobedience.”

    1. Were there descendants of Abraham outside the black people?
    2. What did the black people disobey? What law(s)

    • Answer to question 1: The biological descents of Abaraham have “black” ancestry. Some of them may be able to pass for “white”, but they will have “black” ancestry in their bloodline whether they acknowledge it or are unaware of it.

      Answer to question 2:

      YAHSHARAHAL disobeyed all the laws of YAHUWAH as a nation. All the laws given to them as listed in The Word of YAHUWAH.

  8. I have read some of your information. I think I am on the right track. I just learn about the Abary Language 2 weeks ago and am trying to understand it. I like the pictograph. In a dream my husband said Yah told him to call me Yana. I don’t know the correct spelling and am only going by the sound. My given name is Janet. Can you help me out? Do you also have a weekly chat room or just on the Sabbath? Yana

    • Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against ruwach (H7307/H7308 fallen angels/demons) wickedness in high places.”

      Revelation 17:3 “So he carried me away in the ruwach (H7307/H7308 power/mind) into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.”

      The fallen angels are the kings and rulers in “high places” on the earth, and we are told that the kings of The Beast have “blasphemous names.”

      One of the main focus of my presentations is to use the gift of finding the meaning in names given to me by YAHUWAH to search the names of the fallen angels in “high places” who are not composed of flesh and blood. I decided that I would not perform personal name search requests. YAHUWAH has given me a work to do, and I admit that I currently have what is called a “backlog” (approximately 100+) in revelation I need to upload. I’m not complaining, but I want the viewers of my presentations to know part of the reason why I do not perform personal name meaning search requests.

      One of my goals within the presentations is to provide helpful transliteration rules that may help the viewers to understand how I arrived at a particular transliteration.

  9. I am so sad to read on your website that you are calling me a conman!!!!!.
    Whom do you mean to call a conman/scam?.
    I requested for teachings and Bibles help from you and you dint give us, Did I con you /Scam you anthing please?
    I am going to file acase for your website, you are calling me avery bad name when Iam agenuine servant of God.
    or You remove my Names from your website before I take the step.
    will you give effidence of whom I have coned/scamed any one time?
    May god Bless you for giving fauls testmonies. You are creating differences between People, I wonder your website.
    May you be forgiven for you dont know whom you are saying about.
    Pastor: Pius Mboti Oendo

  10. I am Shorked of your Message, categorising me as a fraudelent person, Please can you show effidences that I have corned any body.
    Remove my name from your websiote or I take you to coart. I am clean and a servant of Yahuwah. I give you two weeks to clear my name otherwise you will face the law.
    Pastor: Pius Mboti

  11. Hi, could you tell what day you keep as the Sabbath? Maybe do a lesson on it please? There is some confusion out there as to the lunar vs. calendar day sabbath.

  12. I don’t know who I have scammed!!!!. I am clean servant of YAH. Remove my name from your website. I will go to International community for you to explain and give evidence who I have taken any Bible or money from. You are spoiling my name for no reason. Why are you doing this and you are calling yourselves People of YAHUWAH!!!!!. The world should know about these. I am not a scam and never involved in any of those things. I serve The Most High( YAH).

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